About Us

Sales manager

1.24-30 one full year of life, college degree or above; (conditions can relax the outstanding person conditions)
2.3 years or above sales working experience in Beijing market, 2 years management experience;
3.a pioneering spirit, self-motivated, organization, coordination and use of all kinds of resources;
4.engaged in the revolving door industry background is preferred;
5.have a strong sense of responsibility, management and coordination ability, has the good communication ability.

Production member、Installation member

1.more than 18 one full year of life, healthy body, bears hardships and stands hard work, has the revolving door work experience is preferred.
2.language civilization, modest polite, consciously abide by the discipline, in line with earnest work attitude and the service consciousness
3.have without foundation all can, we believe, as long as you work hard, as long as your enthusiasm I can do it.