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According to the Chinese administrative region in north China division, include: Beijing (corporation) tianjin city hebei province of Inner Mongolia autonomous region of shaanxi province


Shanxi Province【In taiyuan office】

Contact :Mr. Lu
Adress:XingHuaLingOu in taiyuan, Shanxi Province at hall no. 2 south street, no 34 3 unit

TianJin 【Office in tianjin 】

Contact :Mr. Guo
Adress:Tianjin hexi district by road, in 24, 301.

Hebei province【In shijiazhuang office 】

Contact :Mr. Wang   Mr. Yang
Adress:Shijiazhuang city west road 395, the 2-5-602 peace

Huhhot office

Contact :Mr. Liu
Adress:Inner Mongolia huhhot city university east road block B two giant haicheng area. Room 1402

Shandong province【In yantai office 】

Contact :Mr. Hou
Adress:Shandong jinan downtown mountain west TaoRanTing a hero the building no. A unit. Room 301

Zhejiang province【Office in hangzhou 】

Contact :Mr. Tu
Adress:Hangzhou JiangGanOu tiancheng jia garden building room 1601 3 unit 10

Anhui province

Contact :Mr. Jiang
Adress:Anhui QuanJiaoXian xinhua rd xinhua building, room 402. 2